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Born in Queens, NY and raised in the picturesque Hudson Valley, my path has been marked by a series of transformative moments and deliberate choices that have shaped me as an artist and a scholar.  At Boston College, I crafted an independent major in BioArt that showcased an early inclination towards STEAM, before STEAM was a thing.  This interdisciplinary exploration, blending the realms of art and science in innovative ways was a bold move at that time and laid the foundation for my future endeavors and set the tone for my career which has been about pushing boundaries both creatively and intellectually.


Following a brief foray into medical research, I followed my dreams to the streets of Manhattan and immersed myself into the vibrant East Village scene for a decade. I absorbed New York City’s energy and creative spirit and it nurtured my artistic vision and honed my craft. I literally took advantage of every facet and every moment I had there.  After my time at NYU doing my MFA, I moved on to work and teach at the School of Visual Arts and began my doctoral study at Teachers College Columbia University where I depend my understanding of integrating studio art practice with technology and cybernetics.


As an artist, my preferred mediums of drawing and painting serve as the primary vehicles for my artistic expression.  The intimate space of my sketchbook acts as a sanctuary for ideation, reflection, and experimentation, where traditional techniques intertwine with cutting-edge technologies to give rise to hybrid forms of artistic creation.


My research interests, spanning topics such as arts technology integration, hybrid studio practices, consciousness, and empathy, underscore a commitment to exploring the evolving landscape of contemporary art and its societal implications.  Through my exhibitions and publications, I have actively engaged with these themes, offering insights and contributions to the ongoing dialogue with the art community.


Noteworthy exhibitions at venues such as the Field and Mahopac Libraries, Mariandale in Ossining, and the Arts Exchange of Arts Westchester, as well as publications in journals and books, attest to the depth and breadth of the work.


In summary, I have an unwavering commitment and passion for artistic practice and art education and the work is at a cross-section of tradition and innovation that speaks to the transformative power of art informing and shaping our understanding of the world and ourselves.







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