Sherry Mayo
Sherry Mayo

Artist Statement

Sherry Mayo (1971-present) is an artist whose work transcends the boundaries of the concrete, inviting viewers into a realm where meaning and spirituality intertwine. Her semi-abstract paintings serve as portals to a magical world where observation of the natural realm blends seamlessly with imagined transcendental experiences, leading to a heightened state of consciousness. Mayo's creative process is a continuous journey, a form of meditation without a defined endpoint. It begins with a collection of words and thoughts that evolve into concise phrases, sparking the inspiration for her paintings. From initial sketches to the application of paint, Mayo's artistic process is a fluid exploration that bridges the gap between reality and memory.


Her oil paintings are a testament to her mastery of layering. Some areas are thickly textured, while others remain delicately thin, creating a dynamic sense of space within each piece. Central to her works is spatial manipulation, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where they feel enveloped and surrounded. Variety and movement are crucial elements in Mayo's compositions, as her brush dances across the canvas, weaving together shimmering patches of light and intricate details that captivate the eye.


Beyond the tactile qualities of her paint handling, Mayo infuses her works with a rich symbology of her creation, characterized by an offbeat palette and recurring motifs such as birds that gain significance through repetition. Grounded in extensive research, her art delves into landscape themes, exploring the dynamic interplay between the sky, cosmos, and earth. By capturing fleeting moments in time, Mayo's paintings serve as snapshots of a constantly evolving world where the land is in perpetual transformation.


While each of Mayo's works invites contemplation and dialogue, she purposefully refrains from providing definitive explanations, allowing viewers to engage with her art on a personal level and interpret its meanings through their own lens. With a forward-looking perspective, Mayo paints with a vision for the future, creating a body of work that transcends temporal boundaries and continues to inspire and provoke thought.




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